April 10 2019

World Kitchen

The concept of international cuisine is confused with the concept of local cuisine. Local Cuisine; define the methods of cooking and presentation of flavors, which are diversified according to the national, regional and local regions. However, this definition alone is not sufficient to describe the world cuisine.

When it comes to world cuisine, the country cuisines that are popular and consumable all over the world come to mind first.
The term culinary means the characteristic cooking methods and traditions often associated with a particular culture. The materials used in world kitchens may differ in different climatic and ecosystems, cooking methods, traditions and cultural aspects. The materials and traditions used in local food preparation are often affected by a specific geographical area and local cuisine is often referred to by the geographical name of the region from which they originate. There have been significant improvements in food preservation, storage, production and shipping in the last century, and today many countries, cities and regions have access to their traditional cuisine as well as international cuisine.

In short, you can find popular dishes from many parts of the world on the Riviera Menu.