April 10 2019

Coffees and Their Effects on Us

It is known that the fruit obtained from the coffee plant, thought to be of Ethiopian origin, was first consumed in Yemen in the fifteenth century as a beverage. Thanks to many words in our language and culture, we can predict this. Coffee has spread all over the world over the centuries, with the development of different preparation and consumption techniques in different geographies, almost everywhere has led to the formation of a different coffee culture and traditions.

It sounds normal to you that there are hundreds of different types of coffee consumed in the world, but the basis of all these variations and variations lies in fact four main beans: Arabica, Robusta, Liberica and Excelsa beans…

Coffee Increases Energy Levels Coffee can help people feel less tired and increase energy levels. This is because coffee contains caffeine. After drinking coffee, caffeine mixes into the blood and from there goes to the brain. Many studies show that coffee improves various aspects of memory, mood, alertness, energy levels, response times, and general brain function.

Accelerates Metabolism

Research shows that drinking coffee accelerates metabolism and helps to burn fat, and thus positively affects weight loss. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system, causing signals to be sent to fat cells.

Reduces Depression Risk

Depression is a serious mood disorder that affects daily activities such as sleeping, eating or working. Studies say increased coffee consumption reduces the risk of depression.

Protects the Brain

Many studies, coffee in a substance that can not be determined yet what prevents Alzheimer's disease, he says. It is estimated that consuming 4 or 5 cups of coffee a day reduces beta amyloid deposition that plays a role in the formation of the disease and thus protects us against Alzheimera.

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